Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Peace essential now, urges Francis ahead of Assisi visit

http://cathnews.com/images/thumbs/2009JP2withdalailama_26902artthumb.jpgPope Francis is asking people to unite in prayers for peace today, when he will meet with leaders of other religions in the town of Assisi, reports AP in The Catholic Herald.

The Pope told the faithful in St Peter’s Square on Sunday that: “Now, more than ever, we need peace in this war that’s everywhere in the world.”

His one-day trip to Assisi, birthplace of the saint for whom the Pontiff chose to be named, includes meeting Orthodox and Anglican leaders, as well as representatives of Islam and Judaism.

During today’s gathering, Christian participants will pray in St Francis Basilica, while non-Christians pray elsewhere in Assisi. They will all then assemble in the basilica for the Pope’s speech and reflection.

St Pope John Paul II started the Assisi prayer tradition in 1986.

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