Monday, September 12, 2016

Irish campaigners urged to step up pro-life fight amid funding row

Image result for Senator Rónán MullenSenator Rónán Mullen has called on Irish people at home and abroad to support Irish pro-life organisations as pressure builds to overturn the constitutional protections for the unborn.

The NUI senator’s comments came as it was revealed that the billionaire financier George Soros’ New York-based Open Society Foundations is a major contributor to the Abortion Rights Campaign, Amnesty International Ireland, and the Irish Family Planning Association – all groups that are working to remove the life equality amendment in the Constitution.

“Nobody following the abortion debate will be surprised that international pro-abortion organisers or money funds are putting support into campaigning for abortion in Ireland,” Senator Mullen told The Irish Catholic, explaining that it has long been clear that “what happens in Ireland matters greatly to the international pro-abortion movement”.


A strategy document from Mr Soros’ organisation, released through the website, highlights the strategic importance of Ireland to efforts to legalise abortion worldwide, arguing that if Ireland were to abandon its protections for the unborn, “other strongly Catholic countries” might be inspired to follow suit.

Ireland is an important target for international pro-abortion activists, Senator Mullen explained, “because Ireland has such a successful track record of maternal care without access to abortion, that we have been the proof that you don’t need abortion as part of good healthcare”.

Warning that Irish people should be aware when they encounter abortion being promoted directly or indirectly in Ireland’s media that such arguments are made “with the support and perhaps even at the behest of external agents”, he said that “people who are concerned about the protection of human dignity at all stages of life in Ireland need to take this very seriously.”

Last year’s marriage referendum, he added, presented pro-abortion organisations with an obvious “playbook” showing how money invested early in political campaigns can play a crucial role in shaping and moulding public attitudes.

According to Cora Sherlock of the Pro-Life Campaign, “One thing is certain: those pushing abortion in Ireland have vast resources that they didn’t have just a few years ago. The money is not being raised from ordinary Irish citizens. That is for sure.”

With six-figure sums being given to Irish organisations by international bodies such as the Open Society Foundations, Senator Mullen said: “It’s time for Irish philanthropy at home and Irish philanthropy abroad to take an interest in helping bona fide pro-life organisations maintain Ireland’s great pro-life record.”


It’s time for Irish people – including Irish people abroad – who care about Ireland’s pro-life ethos and what it has given to the world, and who now see that it is being gunned from abroad, to take steps,” he said.

Ms Sherlock added: “The idea that an outside body would fund and organise groups in Ireland to dismantle Ireland’s protection for the unborn child would represent a gross interference and total contempt for the Irish people.

“It is not a surprise that international pro-abortion groups are trying to impose their agenda on Ireland,” she said. “Ireland’s excellent record of safety in pregnancy for women without recourse to abortion is a major source of embarrassment to abortion campaigners as it completely undermines their argument that abortion somehow helps women.”

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