Monday, February 03, 2014

Pope Francis Superman

The mural of Pope Francis in Superman poseA bright coloured mural of Francis in a Superman pose has appeared out of nowhere on a building in Rome.

The Vatican has posted a picture of it on Twitter.

Pope Francis to the rescue! 

A colourful mural of Francis clutching his famous black briefcase, fist pointed high in the air and donning an iron cross and a Superman style cape has been spotted on a wall somehere near the Vatican.

The Spanish word “valores” (values) appears on his briefcase. 

And for once, there has been no complaint of vandalism.
The Pontifical Council for Social Communications has posted a picture of the mural on its Twitter account (@PCCS_VA). 

The message posted alongside the image reads: “We share with you a graffiti found in a Roman street near the #Vatican”. 

The Pope’s “gentle revolution” has now turned super!

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