Monday, February 03, 2014

Francis conquers the front cover of Rolling Stone magazine

The cover of the February issue of Rolling Stone magazine (US edition)The US edition of the music magazine has published a long article on Pope Francis’ “gentle revolution.”  

The Holy Father’s becoming a real pop(e) star. First he made it to the front cover of Time as Person of the Year and now he’s on the cover of the US edition of music magazine Rolling Stone

The heading that accompanies the Pope’s photo is the title of Bob Dylan’s third album “The times they are a-changin’”. Inside is  a long article on Pope Francis’ “gentle revolution”.
The top-selling US magazine dedicated to music and youth culture has given Pope Francis real pop star cred in its February issue. 

The article’s author, Mark Binelli, emphasises how in less than a year, Francis has been able to re-launch the Church’s message across the world. 

Ever since his election as the 266th Vicar of Christ on 13 March, attendance at papal events and audiences have more than triples, reaching a record of 6,6 million people.
With his humble ways, his empathy, and above all the care he has shown for the poor, the “economically disenfranchised” and the destitute, the Pope “has come to feel perfectly suited to our times,” Rolling Stone magazine writes.

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