Sunday, February 02, 2014

Cardinal designate Yeom Soo-jung visits homeless

Cardinal designate Yeom Soo-jung visits homelessArchbishop Andrew Yeom Soo-jung of Seoul paid his first pastoral visit after being appointed cardinal to a hostel for homeless and sick run by Caritas Seoul in Eun-Pyong village on January 19.

Eun-Pyong village accommodates 900 people, including patients suffering from various diseases such as schizophrenia, diabetes, epilepsy and Parkinson's disease.

The cardinal-designate celebrated Mass in a climate of brotherhood and sharing. 

About 50 disabled people in wheel chairs attended the celebration. Archbishop Yeom focused his homily on the good news, "You have probably wondered many times. Why does God make me suffer? The truth is that God has always loved you and you will always be loved. The Kingdom of God exists in places where people love and love sharing."

The Archbishop greeted the sickest patients one by one and comforted them. "May this house become the Kingdom of God," he wrote in the visitor’s book.

Archbishop Yeom has always paid great attention to the initiatives of solidarity. 

In 1986, he looked after the creation of a soup kitchen near the train station in Yeongdeungpo.

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