Sunday, February 02, 2014

Archbishop refuses to endorse survey rating for Aquino

Archbishop refuses to endorse survey rating for AquinoArchbishop John Du of Palo has said several victims of Typhoon Haiyan gave more credit to non-government groups, while refusing to endorse a survey that gave a very good rating for President Benigno Aquino’s relief operations.

According to the Social Weather Station survey conducted from December 11 to 16, 73% of Haiyan victims were satisfied and 19% dissatisfied with government’s relief measures. 

Among non-victims, 69% said they were satisfied, while 21% were dissatisfied.

Archbishop Du said it was international humanitarian agencies and church-based organisations that played major role after the devastation. 

“I have observed that it is really the church people, those from foreign agencies, non-government organisations and other religious communities who are working very hard in the area,” he said.

The Aquino administration was criticized earlier for the slow response in delivering emergency assistance after the typhoon.

“I cannot give a confirmation to what the people in the survey are saying. I do not go into it asking them if they are satisfied with the government or not. We are just doing our part,” Du said.

The head of Social Action Centre in the Archdiocese of Capiz, Father Mark Granflor, expressed disbelief at the survey results. He said that the presence of local and foreign NGOs in Capiz province in relief and rescue was overwhelming compared to government workers.

“When I heard that (survey), I kept on smiling,” Granflor said. “I’m sorry but the people here did not really feel the presence and response of the government during and after Haiyan. Maybe the respondents of the survey really received enough aid from the government but it’s not the case here in our area,” he said.

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