Saturday, January 04, 2014

‘Vatican-Dominican pact helps pedophiles’, priest agrees with review of most outspoken Catholic priests on Thursday said he agrees with revising the sweeping pact in effect for more than half a century between the Vatican and the Dominican Republic, known as the Concordat, slammed by one of the country’s leading evangelists.

Catholic Youth Ministry Coordinator Luis Rosario said 30 years ago his thesis was over the need of an overall review of the Concordat, because in his view that kind of agreement has to be revised as time passes.

He affirmed that some parts of the pact aren’t being enforced, and as an example cited the ban of divorce, because that has been repealed by local laws.

Lauds Medina

Speaking at House of the Youth, Rosario lauded president Danilo Medina’s attendance at two religious services in various churches, “which helps the understand that there should be unity among the people. Times must and should change."

Agreement criticized

During a religious service on Wednesday leading evangelist Ezequiel Molina slammed the Concordat, which in his view protects priests accused of pedophilia. 

"Many have south to take these pedophiles to court so they pay for their sin, for their harm to society and youth, and they might not be."

“The fact that we’re still adhering to the Concordat is our bad. I don’t understand how is possible to review this type of agreement, which destroys which inhibits, keeping men and women from doing the right thing," the pastor said, and called it a “rancid” pact and a cruel memory of the Trujillo Tyranny.

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