Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No decision made on Catholic Church at Letterkenny General Hospital

The Chairperson of the Letterkenny General Hospital (LGH) retention committee has said that they are encouraged by the fact that no decision has been made to get rid of the Catholic church at the premises. 

A major petition was launched this weekend seeking to retain the Catholic Chapel at LGH as part of refurbishment plans following the July flood. 

There had been widespread speculation that religious places of prayer will be replaced with an inter-denominational room. 

Speaking on Highland Radio, the manager of LGH, Sean Murphy assured people that “no decision” had been made to date and that discussions are ongoing with the chaplaincy team. 

He told the “Shaun Doherty Show” that a number of options were being examined as part of the re-configuration of facilities at LGH. 

Father Eamon Kelly said: “We are encouraged by that fact that no decision has been made. Our campaign was established to highlight the possibility of the church not re-opening. Our campaign is only to make people aware of that possibility.”

He added that on Saturday a number of people took to the town to add their names to a petition in a bid to support retaining the church. 

“We want the chapel to be retained as it was before the flood,” he said.

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