Saturday, January 18, 2014

New scheme launched for survivors of abuse in residential institutions new scheme has been launched to assist survivors of child abuse in residential institutions.

The scheme, called Caranua, draws on a €110 million fund committed by religious congregations who ran the institutions.

Only those people who received awards either through the Residential Institutions Redress Board or the Republic's courts are entitled to apply for help through Caranua.

A spokesperson for Caranua told RTÉ News that 15,000 former residents fall into these categories, but it is not known how many have died since the Redress Board began operating over 11 years ago.

She said over 40% are known to be living, or to have lived, abroad when they applied for their awards.

Information on the scheme is available online at or by phone on 1800 212477 and 0808 2341303 (from the UK). 

Contact can also be made by post to PO Box 12477, Dublin 1.

Caranua advises a copy of a court or settlement order, if relevant, should be included with postal correspondence.

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