Monday, January 27, 2014

Name members of 'gay lobby,' Vatican prelate challenges former Swiss Guard leader of the Vatican’s most influential prelates has challenged the former commandant of the Swiss Guard to name any officials of the Roman Curia who are members of a “gay lobby.” 

Archbishop Angelo Becciu said that Elmar Mäder, the former Swiss Guard leader, should realize that accusations “must always be substantiated and proven.” 

Reacting to an interview in which Mäder had confirmed the existence of a gay lobby at the Vatican, the archbishop told the Italian daily La Repubblica that Mäder should follow up on his charge, and “tell us exactly to whom it relates.” 

“We are willing to listen and take note,” the archbishop said. “Pope Francis wants first of all clarity and truth, and so do all of us.” 

Archbishop Becciu is the Sostituto, or deputy Secretary of State, who supervises communications among the offices of the Roman Curia and meets daily with the Pope to handle internal paperwork. 

The archbishop said that he was “surprised” by Mäder’s statement—which had supported an earlier, anonymous charge by another former member of the Swiss Guard. 

Archbishop Becciu said that it is unfortunate that as Pope Francis works to reform the Vatican, “there is someone coming back into the limelight with generic accusations.”

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