Friday, January 24, 2014

Modi to meet bishops during Kerala rally

BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is moving closer to some sections of Christians in Kerala as general elections are fast approaching.

A few noted Christian organizations have invited Modi to their headquarters, when he is in Kerala for two public rallies on Feb 9. 

However, to avoid antagonizing other Christian bodies, Modi will be meeting the bishops separately at an alternative venue, reported Deccan Chronicle.

Though the state BJP is maintaining that it is too early to reveal more on the matter, it is being said that they will take part in the public rally in Marine Drive, Kochi.

Modi, the divisive BJP leader and three time chief minister of Gujarat, is coming to Kochi to take part in the centenary celebrations of the Lake Agitation, organized by Kerala Pulayar Maha Sabha.

“Though I don’t want to reveal the identity of the Christian organizations at this juncture, they have invited Modi to their headquarters. But Modi will not be going there. However, he will meet them at a different venue," said BJP state chief, V. Muraleedharan.

Prior to the Kochi rally, Modi will be taking part in another rally at Shanghumugham beach in state capital Thiruvanthapuram at 4 pm.

Muraleedharan had also held talks with Modi prior to the National Council meet on finalizing the procedures of the two rallies. BJP national president Rajnath Singh will also be attending both the public rallies.

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