Saturday, January 18, 2014

London: New programme begins at Christian meditation centre

London: New programme begins at Christian meditation centre | Meditatio Centre,daily meditation, 'Meditation in a Time of Loss'; Roots of Christian Mysticism,  Silence,  'Living with the Mystics' The Meditatio Centre which opened in St Mark's, Myddleton Square, Islington last year has begun a new programme of daily meetings, workshops, course and retreats. 

Among the regular events there is a  daily meditation group (all welcome) and sessions for children.

Other events through the week are: 'A Moment of Calm' – Drop in Open Mornings;  'Meditation in a Time of Loss'; Roots of Christian Mysticism and Creative Silence. There is also a monthly 'Living with the Mystics' study group.

The Meditatio website explains: 'More and more people are waking up today to the simple - but strangely elusive - truth of the 'spiritual life'. They see that this is not about cultivating a private area of peace and beauty dedicated only to self-improvement. We don’t have 'spiritual lives' - we have lives. And if our lives are to have deep meaning, they must be open to the spirit of life itself. This spirit is not elsewhere; it is within us, between us and reveals itself to us through all the details of our daily existence, where we work, where we learn, where we play.'

'At the heart of everything we offer at The Meditatio Centre is the embodied practice of meditation. This way of contemplative silence as we teach it is rooted in the teaching of Jesus on prayer and by the tradition that put it into practice. In meditation we set aside all thoughts, words and images – including thinking about ourselves. As we learn to live from the silent dynamic centre which unites all humanity, we are freed to engage with life itself, in all its aspects and in all its fullness.'

For more information and a calendar of events at the Meditatio Centre,  see:

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