Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pope Francis Trades Skull Caps With Two Visiting Boston College Students

Katie Rich of Minnetonka, MN and Ethan Mack of Portland, ME show off their souvenir from Pope Francis. (Photo courtesy: Boston College)Two Boston College students studying abroad in Europe got quite a souvenir while they stood among a papal audience in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday.
BC juniors Ethan Mack and Katie Rich arrived early to find a spot on the perimeter of the barricade.

They were hoping to give Pope Francis a personalized gift, a white zucchetto that they had purchased from a nearby store. 

They placed a note inside the cap that said: “Boston College Loves our Jesuit Pope!” 

Boston College, of course is a Jesuit University.

As Pope Francis passed by, Mack extended his arm out with the skull cap. 

Pope Francis removes his own zucchetto and replaces it with one given to him by two Boston College students. (Photo courtesy: Boston College)The pope saw it and sent a guard over to the students to bring to him.

“Pope Francis put our zuchetto in his to check the sizes, and then gave his old one to the guard,” Mack said in an email. 

“The Pope then gave a nod and smiled right at us. He took off with the one I bought and the guard gave us his original one.”

Mack says he actually had heard stories from friends who had done the same, so he was at least hopeful that the Pope would do the same for him. 

The zucchetto that Mack & Rich gave to Pope Francis cost them 50 Euro, which they say was well worth it.

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