Thursday, December 19, 2013

Archbishop still seeking clarification from nuns on abortion stance

Discussions between Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and the Sisters of Mercy about the Mater Hospital’s controversial stance on abortion are “ongoing” according to a spokeswoman for the archdiocese.

The board of the Mater announced in September that it would comply with the Government’s abortion legislation which permits the direct targeting of the unborn child in the womb for the first time.

Dr Martin vowed to seek clarity from the nuns after the board of the Catholic hospital’s statement that it “will comply with the law as provided for in the Act”. 

Hospital authorities refused at the time to give further clarity on the issue or how the issue affects the Catholic ethos of the hospital.


The archbishop’s spokeswoman confirmed to The Irish Catholic that he “has met with the Sisters of Mercy and the matter is ongoing”.

While the archbishop has insisted he has no direct governance role in the hospital, he does have a role in Church law to guarantee that Catholic institutions are living up to the teaching of the Church.

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