Tuesday, November 26, 2013


House of Swear0002RAVING Christina Gallagher has lashed out at the Sunday World for exposing her latest luxury mansion.

The boss of the controversial House of Prayer on Achill Island exploded when we revealed she had bought another million euro mansion in a secluded private estate. 

Her official website accused this reporter of being “a stalker” for unveiling yet again her fabulous wealth.

And it laughingly claimed we had put her life in danger by revealing her latest address at Coldwater Lakes, Citywest, Dublin. 

In a sickening case of self-justification, it was claimed she had to buy an amazing English mansion, complete with its own lake and indoor pool, because we had exposed her previous home, a stunning €4million palace on the private Abington Estate in Malahide, Co Dublin


But again, this self-proclaimed visionary failed to mention where the millions came from to buy these astonishing houses – two of eight fabulous homes the Sunday World has uncovered in the last five years. 

Instead, we are told the English property was bought to “remove her from the increasing danger and give her a little piece of mind.”

When the Sunday World uncovered this incredible €2m house two years ago “Mrs Gallagher sold the house in the UK and returned to Malahide.”

It was money from this sale that bought the latest fabulous home in Coldwater Lakes, the website revealed. But yet again it never says where the initial millions came from? 

The Sunday World has exposed for five years how money-loving Gallagher (59), lives like a queen, while persuading elderly followers to donate their life savings to her cause.  

We revealed two weeks ago how one woman – who featured on Midweek programme on Wednesday claimed her mothers life had been destroyed by the House of-Prayer.

She said her brainwashed mum had lost half her body weight. through constant fasting and said up to 100 rosaries a day. 

The woman planned to appeal to the Pope to stop Christina Gallagher because the Church in Ireland had refused to act.

Gallagher insists on her website that she owns only one home. 

But by her own admission in the article she reveals she owns three – the marital home
she shares with her estranged husband, the new Coldwater mansion and the Malahide house, which has not been sold. 

And we have proved how she also bought other houses – some without a mortgage for herself and her family.

She slams the Sunday World for suggesting she is separated, when in fact she and her husband Paddy have lived apart for years. He lives in Co. Mayo and by her own admission she  lived in Malahide.

Gallagher has lived a millionaire’s lifestyle since opening the House of Prayer 20 years ago. 

She says she gets regular messages from the Virgin Mary and Jesus threatening the end of the world and claims anyone who donates to her houses of prayer or buys one of her miraculous €250 pictures will be saved. 

Other scams have included the sale of ‘holy’ bricks and €50-a-pop rosary beads.

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