Sunday, February 03, 2013

New Testament Assembly appoints new national leader

Bishop-elect, the Reverend Delroy PowellThe Reverend Delroy Powell has been voted in as the next national leader of the New Testament Assembly in the UK.

The NTA was founded in Jamaica in 1954 and England in 1961. Rev Powell's late father, Bishop Melvin Powell, was a founding member of the English NTA.

Rev Powell is currently the senior pastor at the NTA headquarter church in Tooting, south London.

The 54-year-old was voted in at the recent Annual General Meeting and succeeds Bishop David W Greaves.

Rev Powell has been involved in efforts to bring about greater unity in the body of Christ and is a keen Christian Aid supporter.

Reflecting on his new appointment, he said: “It wasn't an office I desired or was aspiring to but like David in the scriptures, I do sense that there is a cause and a need to step up to the challenge of preserving the spiritual legacy our forebears have entrusted to us. As well as preparing the future generation to navigate the unchartered waters of the times ahead. I am humbled by the support and encouragements received from my family, members, and friends beyond our organisation, and ask for your continual prayer.
The retiring NTA general secretary, the Reverend Nezlin Sterling, welcomed Powell's appointment.

“Pastor Powell is a reflective and visionary leader who understands contemporary trends and the challenges that the church face in our time," he said. "His belief in the redemptive potential of the local church to promote change, spiritually and socially in the life of individuals, families and the community has raised the profile of NTA in recent years and forged new ways of the church working collaboratively with various public agencies.”
The consecration of Reverend Powell is due to take place on Saturday 24 August during the NTA National Conference.

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