Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Magdalene laundries report: the numbers

Women with the group Magdalene Survivors Together on their way into Leinster House. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish TimesSome statistics published by the 'Report of the Interdepartmental Committee to establish the facts of State involvement with the Magdalen Laundries' are laid out below.


Number of women who spent times in laundries since 1922: 10,012*

Known admissions, including repeat admissions, from 1922: 14,607*

Admissions for which referrals route known: 8025

Number of referrals made or facilitated by the State 26.5% (2,124)

Average/Median age at time of entry 23.8 years/ 20 years

Age of youngest known entrant :9

Age of oldest known entrant: 89

*Excluding two laundries operated by the Sisters of Mercy

Duration of stay: 

Less than three months 35.6%

Less than 6 months: 47.4%

Less than a year 61%

Less than three years: 79%

Less than five years 85.6%

Less than ten years 92.3%

Percentage previously institutionalised 23.4%

Parental background  (unknown 53.9%)

Both parents alive 12.5%

Father dead 11.6%

Mother dead 8.5%

Both parent dead 13.5%

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