Saturday, February 23, 2013

Benedict XVI’s centralisation slated Bishop of Arundel and Brighton has called for a review of the "unnecessary" centralisation of power that took place during Pope Benedict XVI's papacy.

Bishop Kieran Conry told The Times that over-centralisation had taken power from local bishops and led the Church away from the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. 

He said that the new English Mass translation, introduced last year, had a negative impact on Catholics that might have been avoided if power was devolved to a local level.

He said: "There is a need for the Roman Curia, the central administration, to be reviewed. That was not one of Pope Benedict's strengths. It needs reviewing because it is not working very well. There seems to be a degree of centralisation that is not really necessary which might indicate that there is a degree of inefficiency."

The aim [of Vatican II] was that Rome should work more collaboratively with the local bishops. That has not really developed."

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Anonymous said...

Bishop Kieran Conry as always speaks eloquently and puts forward a good case for his argument.
Bishops certainly need more power than they have enjoyed under Pope Benedict. We can only pray that this will change under a more liberal Pope. The world is moving very fast and the Church has to move along with it, we cannot remain in the dark ages.

have much respect for +Kieran who has to endure constant criticism from one of his own Priests on his fanatically traditional blog.