Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pope Benedict’s peace gesture nearly RUINED when seagull attacks doves released before adoring crowds

A symbolic gesture of peace by Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday nearly went up in a cloud of feathers when a dove the pontiff released was attacked by a seagull. 

The Holy See released two doves from the window of his apartment overlooking St. Peter's Square after saying a prayer to honor victims of the Holocaust.


A white dove that was freed by Pope Benedict XVI at the end of the Angelus prayer is chased by a seagull.

"That was successful," the Pope quipped to two youngsters from a Catholic organization in Rome that joined him for the prayer, as the birds swooped above the thousands gathered in Vatican City.

However, a few moments later, a large seagull attacked one of the doves, pinning the smaller bird against a window pane.


The dove eventually got away.

The dove eventually escaped and flew away.
It was not the first time the Pope's peace offering has gone awry.


Pope Benedict XVI released the doves after a prayer honoring the victims of the Holocaust.

Last year, the two doves he released turned tail and flew back into the Pope's holy digs.

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