Monday, January 14, 2013

No ‘gay Mass’ at Farm Street, Jesuits say

The Parish Priest at the newly designated church for gay Catholics has said that no specific provision will be made for the group when they attend Mass.

Last week the Archbishop of Westminster announced an end to the Soho Masses at Our Lady of the Assumption, Warwick Street, central London. 

But following the announcement those who attended the bimonthly Masses expressed a hope that their liturgical celebration could be transferred to the Sunday evening Mass at the Jesuit-run church in Farm Street, Mayfair.

However Fr Andrew Cameron-Mowat, the parish priest at Farm Street, told The Tablet that the community would not be able to continue some of its traditions under the new arrangement. 

Asked if the group could write its own bidding prayers, use rainbow-coloured items or invite priests to say Mass he said: "We will be happy to welcome newcomers to our regular parish Masses but cannot make provision for guest presiders or other features specific to any single group. This would be against the wishes of the archbishop."

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