Monday, January 07, 2013

Ministries in it for the long haul after Hurricane Sandy

Ministries in New York are holding free sessions on dealing with grief following Hurricane Sandy.

The ministry, Somebody Cares, says it will remain in the area for long-term follow-up in communities badly affected by the storm.

It is partnering next week with Victim Relief Ministries, FirstFruits Crisis Response and the New York Christian Resource Center to hold the free grief and trauma sessions.

The storm killed more than a hundred people and left millions without power.

In the aftermath, Somebody Cares mobilised food and clothing aid, including the provision of hot meals.

The ministry reports that, two months after the storm, the physical, financial and spiritual needs "remain high".

It is disappointed that Congress failed to vote on a multi-billion dollar relief bill but said it would continue to provide relief to affected communities in the meantime.
"We want to serve the many individuals and families impacted by Sandy who feel a sense of anxiety and fear," said Dr Doug Stringer, the founder of Somebody Cares International.

"Although everyday life has resumed for many, some will be reeling from this for years to come."

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