Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christian Aid looks to secure long-term future

Christian Aid is moving to ensure generous giving and a positive future with fundraising training for over a hundred of its regional and headquarters staff.

The specially tailored training aims to boost the confidence of staff in their roles and the difference they can make to Christian Aid's fundraising.

The three-day classroom-based course has been developed with the Institute of Fundraising and is taken together with a short online IoF course.

Staff who complete the course receive the IoF's Introduction to Fundraising Certificate.

By the end of February, a total of 110 staff will have completed the courses, giving Christian Aid one of the biggest concentrations of trained fundraisers in the third sector.
"It’s not unusual for colleagues whose job descriptions don’t say ‘fundraiser’ to feel that the task of asking supporters to give is someone else’s role," explained Alison Knight, a member of Christian Aid’s project team.

"We believe everyone in the organisation has a role in fundraising and this programme will equip all our colleagues to create opportunities to make the ask effectively."
Paul Marvell, Director of Professional Development & Membership at the IoF said: "With the support of the Institute of Fundraising, Christian Aid is creating a model for community fundraising and setting a benchmark for other organisations.
They are equipping their staff to feel confident about making the ask, providing bespoke training which will stand the organisation in good stead."

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