Saturday, January 05, 2013

Catholic nun’s book causes stir in materialistic Japan

A book written by a Catholic nun is causing a stir in Japan. 

After 65 years in Japan, the 96 year old Sister Jeanne Bosse wrote "Smiling brings happiness," a book of tips to improve lifestyles based on the Gospel, which has sold 19 thousand copies so far in 4 editions to the point that even the 'Asahi Shimbun, Japan's largest newspaper, has taken note.

The religious sister of the Congregation of Notre Dame, Sister Jeanne gives classes in biblical studies in Chofu, western Tokyo. 

On Sundays she plays the organ during services and closely follows the children of the parish. 

And her book, created with the help of a young parishioner, has become a way of life that is helping the Japanese.

The country is one of the most materialistic in the world. Despite the good economic situation - Japan is the third largest economy in the world - society is faced with a very low birth rate, a high rate of suicide and stress produced by the daily drudge of work experienced as "sole mission of the human being " which has led the Japanese to increased use of alcohol and drugs.

In view of this, the teachings of the religious have become a small "maximum life" that have thrilled readers: "Human beings continue to grow all throughout their lives - Sister Jeanne writes - and we must never stop smiling ". 

Readers have commented online on the book's success: "It gave me courage, I copied her phrases in my notebook." 

For her part, the nun says she is surprised: "I ​​did not do anything special. I just pray it may help readers and bring them hope."

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