Friday, January 11, 2013

Benny XVI & Ireland's Purple Parliament - 2013 Roundup

Now that B-XVI has seen fit to fill two of the more outstanding dioceses in the last 2 months - namely Cloyne and Limerick, it seems that there are more to be announced.

The Dioceses of Derry and Kildare & Leighlin are still awaiting new incumbents and it should be noted that the newly appointed Bishop-Elect of Limerick was strongly tipped to take the helm of Kildare and Leighlin.

Recently (and not so recently) retired bishops now mean that the diocese of Kerry, Ardagh & Clonmacnoise and of Elphin will be requiring new appointments in the coming months.

At present, the current situation with the new appointments now reads as follows:

Achonry - Bishop Brendan Kelly (since 2007)

Down & Connor - Bishop Noel Treanor (since 2008)

Ossory - Bishop Seamus Freeman (since 2007)

Ardagh & Clonmacnoise - Bishop Colm O'Reilly...(still in situ)

Clogher - Liam McDaid (enthroned 25th July 2010)

Killaloe - Kieran O'Reilly...(enthroned August 29th 2010)

Cloyne - Canon William Crean (to be enthroned January 27th 2013)

Elphin - Bishop Christopher Jones...(still in situ - submitted letter to retire in early 2011)

Kerry - Bishop William Murphy...(still in situ - turned 75 in June 2011)

Kildare & Leighlin - Administrator...(resigned in December 2009 due to improper handling of Child Sex Abuse allegations in Dublin - appointment expected early 2013)

Limerick - 10th January 2013 - Fr Brendan Leahy announced as Bishop-Elect with enthronement due in Spring 2013
Clonfert - Bishop John Kirby (retirement age reached)

Derry - Hegarty gone - currently Administrated - Bishop due in 2013

Cashel & Emly - Archbishop Dermot Clifford - (retirement age reached)

Armagh - Archbishop Brady (may well yet be gone under that term 'medical reasons' for failure and incompetence in relation to CSA)

Cork & Ross - Bishop John Buckley - (retirement age reached)


Meath - Bishop Smith - (retirement age reached)

Raphoe - Bishop Boyce - (retirement age reached)


Waterford & Lismore - Bishop Lee -
(retirement age reached)

The current junior backbenchers of the Purple Parliament are as follows:

Galway - Drennan b.1944...(2019 to retire)

Kilmore - O'Reilly b.1944...(2019 to retire)

Dublin - Martin b.1945... (2020 to retire)
Auxiliries Walsh & Field...
(resigned in December 2009 due to improper handling of Child Sex Abuse allegations in Dublin whilst Auxiliary Bishop there, as outlined in the Murphy Report)

Ferns - Brennan b.1945...
(2020 to retire)

Tuam - Neary b.1946...(2021 to retire)

Killala - Fleming b.1948...(2023 to retire)

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