Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pope’s “Lictoria Sex” to go on show in Vatican Museums

The link between the Pope and the car has fascinated many ever since the beginning of the modern age and the growth of modern transportation.

A new addition is about to be made to the collection of papal saloons. 

The news was reported in the latest issue of Italian weekly news magazine Panorama and mentioned in Vatican correspondent Fabio Marchese Ragona’s blog. 

The two stories give descriptions of the beautiful reddish purple and gold coloured Citroën “Lictoria Sex” which Pius XI occasionally used to get around the Vatican City.

Pope Pius XI’s car had sat for many years in storage, forgotten, but now it will finally go on show for visitors to feast their eyes on. 

The car, which was donated in 1930, has to date only been driven for 2 and a half kilometres each year.
The only pope to take the car outside the Leonine Wall was Pius XII who drove it around Rome on a few occasions. 

Now the “Lictoria Sex” will stand next to a number of other historic Popemobiles and John Paul II’s diplomatic car.

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