Thursday, August 30, 2012

Croat in Swiss Guard protecting Pope

A 21-year-old Swiss-Croat has managed to make it into the prestigous Swiss Guard, the Pope's official guards, reports daily newspaper 24sata.

"I am the third Croat in history in the Swiss Guard. My father played a key role as he got me interested in the position. I fulfilled all the conditions: I am a Swiss citizen, catholic, not married, under 30 years of age, I am 174cm, I completed high school and served my army training," said Ivan Saric, who has been serving as a Swiss Guard at the Vatican for the past few months.

The Swiss Guard, responsible for the safety of the Pope, including the security of the Apostolic Palace, has been a tradition since 1506.

Saric, who's parents are Croats, was born in Switzerland and can not talk to much about what goes on behind Vatican walls.

"I walk around Rome with colleagues learning about the history of the city, I play soccer for a team in the Vatican championship. The pay for Swiss Guards is not high, but we get accommodation, food and we dont pay tax," said the Pope's guard.

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