Friday, June 29, 2012

Vatican blames lack of priests on secularism, abuse, parents

The sexual abuse scandal has tarnished the image of the priest and contributed to a crisis of priestly vocations in the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican said Monday (June 25), while also faulting a widespread "secularized mentality" and parents' ambition for their children, which leaves "little space to the possibility of a call to a special vocation."

The "Pastoral Guidelines for Fostering Vocations to Priestly Ministry" were prepared over the last seven years by the Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education.

The document says candidates to the priesthood shouldn't be accepted if they show "signs of being profoundly fragile personalities," and says future priests should learn the "importance" of their future commitments, "in particular with regard to celibacy."

The guidelines acknowledge that "in many places the choice of celibacy is questioned" and say that such "erroneous opinions within the church" are responsible for a "lack of appreciation" for those who make the choice to remain celibate.

In fact, Western culture, with its "indifference to the Christian faith," is "unable to understand the value of vocations to a special consecration."

Data presented by the congregation's undersecretary, the Rev. Angelo Vincenzo Zani, show that priestly vocations over the last 10 years fell sharply in Europe. They remained stable in North and South America and rose significantly in Asia and Africa, though still not enough to offset the rapid growth in Catholics' numbers worldwide.


Shoshiru Honda said...

As a young Catholic I find it Laughable and pathetic that the Vatican does not acknowledge the root case of the decline of the priesthood and vocaitons, Mass attendance, and Catholic observance. Namely Vatican II and the dissenting interpretations, abuses, experimentations that came from it. Ecumenism, inculturation, femminism, have all contributed in destroying the Mass which is the heart of the Catholic life.

The loss of the Tridentine Latin Mass, Catholic devotions, priestly disipline (including wearing the cassock or habit), prayer life, contemplation, have all caused the decline of the priesthood.

The SSPX must be doing something right!! They still have all these traditions and the Holy Mass. And here in the USA, this year they ordained more new priests than 95% of all USA dioceses. Also, their Seminary of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Winona, Minnesota USA with over 100+ seminarians stands to become the largest Catholic seminary in the USA in 2-3 years!!.

Many magnificent Catholic seminaries in the USA that were built before Vatican II to house sometimes as many as 600 seminarians, have now 40-50 and some down to less than 30!

Long live the SSPX and Catholic tradition, and the Tridentine Latin Mass...the Mass which will save the priestood!!!

Lady Portia said...


Too late now. people are onto the scam and see the Vatican boys project blame onto anyone they can apart from themselves.

Well, the blame game is over. The blame will not stick as it used to on others, but is mirrored right back to themselves.

"a special vocation."

Now where have we heard that word special child before?

Ah yes, when the pedophile priest explained on TV how he lured his prey in.