Monday, May 28, 2012

Ex-priest admits assaults on 11 boys

A FORMER priest has admitted indecently assaulting a number of boys at different locations in the diocese of Meath, including a parochial house.

At Trim Circuit Court, Raymond Brady (77), Baltrasna, Oldcastle, Co Meath, admitted offences related to 11 individuals.

When the case was called, State prosecutor Carl Hanahoe said guilty pleas were being entered in relation to 11 offences. He said these pleas were acceptable to the prosecution on the basis of full facts being heard at the sentencing hearing later this year.

The court was told the injured parties did not wish to be identified, and Judge Michael O’Shea imposed reporting restrictions.

Brady pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting 10 boys at a number of locations in the Meath diocese, including one at a parochial house. He also admitted attempting to indecently assault another boy at a second parochial house.

The locations included Kilmainhamwood, the parochial house in Kilbeg and the parochial house in Drumconrath, Bettystown. Two were at family homes and three were at unknown locations.

The crimes took place between April 1968 and June 1976.

Judge O’Shea was told there was no objection to Brady being remanded on continuing bail.

He was also told there would be a substantial number of victim impact reports prepared for sentencing hearing which would take some time.

He remanded Brady on continuing bail to the next sitting of the court on October 23rd.

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Lady Portia said...

i grew up in this area. We were beaten as children if we dared to speak out of abuse by these men of god.

How could we say such things about these men- charming psychopaths mostly, whom our parents truly believed were men of god- which god was the question.

Another punishment was to get your mouth washed out with soap and water for daring to speak truth.

Now, HSE- social services- do the same - aiding and abetting child rapists and abusers. Their use of Electric Shock Treatment to burn out memories of abuse in the child victims is a breach of human rights and is barbaric- but the secret family courts run by the men of god behind the scenes keeps the truth hidden.

We should be able to name and shame the social workers, psychologists, lawyers, judges involved, because they are all in on the cover up.