Thursday, May 31, 2012

Church of England vicar writes politically incorrect dictionary

The Church of England's Rev Peter Mullan has caused a bit of a stir with his new book, The Politically Incorrect Lexicon. 

He says that the modern use of language has become dishonest and used as a device for deceit as much as it is for communication.

A few of his most choice interpretations include:
  • Alpha course on Christianity: pizza and chardonnay club 
  • Celebrity: someone you've never heard of 
  • CV: a brief, fictionalised autobiography 
  • Doctor: go-between for the patient and the undertaker 
  • Life imprisonment: short spell in jail 
  • Light entertainment: heavy tedium 
  • Overseas aid: taxing the poor in rich countries to give to the rich in poor countries 
  • Rights: demands 
  • Therapist: overpaid sentimentalist with a plaque on his door 
  • Young people: Youths who undertake charitable works 
  • Youths: Young people when they are misbehaving

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