Monday, December 19, 2011

Donegal entrepreneur invents evaporation-proof holy water font

An enterprising Donegal businessman has invented a holy water font that he claims will be evaporation-proof.

Former patio slab maker Connie Gallagher from Derrybeg said he came up with the idea while visiting friends’ houses where the holy water font was invariably dry.

He has now created a dispenser fitted with a unique metal tip attached to a container that does not require refilling for months.  

“I would be going into a lot of houses and when you’re leaving you get into the habit of blessing yourself but half of the holy water fonts would be empty,” Mr Gallagher explained.

“People would be saying ‘I filled that yesterday or the day before and it’s already gone dry’ - that’s when I began thinking there must be some way of overcoming this problem.”

He described his new holy water font as “simple but not that simple to get right and it lasts for months before it has to be refilled.”

The dispensers are individually handcrafted and have a support structure enabling them to be hung on any wall and only the tip is visible when they are attached to a surface.  

They come in a range  are in a choice of fifteen designs including the Sacred Heart, Our Lady and saints such as St. Bernadette and St. Anthony and a choice of three colours, mahogany, pine and white/cream.

Mr Gallagher said he has applied to patent the fonts and demand has already exceeded expectation.

“I’ve been very pleased with reaction to it so far and eventually I hope to hit the whole country with it. With it coming up to Christmas, I’m hoping it will make an attractive and practical present.”


Anonymous said...

I think it's brilliant
The problem is where can they be purchased & how much are they.

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