Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lucerne church launches condom campaign

The Catholic church of Lucerne has launched a controversial Aids prevention campaign which includes the distribution of condoms.

From Monday to Wednesday, the church is manning an information truck in front of the train station.

Its goal is to educate young people about Aids, in particular in Africa and in Switzerland.

Fourteen school classes have signed up for a visit. 

Meanwhile, mission workers are also approaching passersby and offering condoms with the motto, “Forgetfulness is contagious. Protect your neighbour as you would yourself.”

Although the Catholic Church is officially against the use of condoms, clergy members supporting the Lucerne project say that it is unethical to ignore them when addressing the danger of HIV.

After its three-day stint in Lucerne, the information truck will move on to other parts of Switzerland.

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