Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Truth commission could solve crisis' – Fr Canny

Derry's diocesan spokesman believes a 'truth commission' would be the most efficient way to deal with the current crisis in the Catholic Church.

St Eugene’s Administrator Fr Michael Canny believes such a body would by the fastest way to restore the church’s moral authority by quickly uncovering the truth about alleged child sex abuse offences and cover-ups.

He told the ‘Journal’ that no “quick fix solution” existed to deal with the crisis, which has snowballed in recent days with allegations of a cover-up by the Pope Benedict XVI himself while he was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

“I think most people would like some quick fix solution, some method of getting rid of the drip-drip of abuse claims that are dragging us all down. But until there is some kind of light shone on our shared past failings this isn’t going to go away.”

He added: “What I would, personally, favour is some sort of commission that would be efficient, would get to the truth quickly and would be value for money. It would only be after this that we would be able to take the big steps to build confidence.”

Fr Canny admitted that the church and its leadership “is seriously compromised” by the recent wave of allegations surrounding child sex abuse.

He said he also believes it is important for church leaders to “apologise to victims on a regular basis”.

“And not only for the abuse itself but also for the fact that when so many of them told their stories they were not believed or even listened to,” he added.

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