Monday, March 29, 2010

Retired Italian cardinal calls for rethink of priests' celibacy rule amid sex abuse crisis

A retired Italian cardinal says the Roman Cathoilic rule on celibacy for priests should be reconsidered.

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini says mandatory chastity for churchmen should be thought over to prevent further abuse cases by clergy and help the church regain lost trust.

In recent weeks, the Catholic church in various countries has been hit by a wave of sex scandals and cover-up allegations.

The former archbishop of Milan also says that only through an open discussion can the church regain its credibility.

Martini commented in the Sunday edition of the Austrian newspaper Die Presse.

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amy5164 said...

So many deflections to distract from taking responsibility and being honest: celebacy is to blame; the media is to blame; homosexuals are to blame; permissive society and lax in morals among the people are to blame (i.e., blaming the victim); ignorance...we didn't know...we did the best we could; and so on. Never mind the fact that married men also sexually abuse children; that most sexual abuse is perpetrated by heterosexual men; that sexual abuse occurred well before the so-called permissiveness of society developed. Amazing.