Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pope Benedict's Complex Role In Abuse Scandal

Revelations that Pope Benedict XVI failed to do anything about reports of sexual abuse by priests years ago have raised questions about how much he knew, and when.

John Allen, senior correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter, says the Pope isn't just part of the problem, but also an important part of the solution. His op-ed, "A Papal Conversion," appeared in the New York Times.

"Prior to 2001," Allen tells host Neal Conan of then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger,"in the very few public statements he had made about this crisis, he came off, to be frank, as just another Roman cardinal in denial."

But after Pope John Paul II put Cardinal Ratzinger and his office in charge of the abuse complaints in 2001, Allen says "he began to talk much more openly about what he described as 'filth' in the Catholic Church, and became much more aggressive about prosecuting abusers."

In his papacy, Pope Benedict has been the first pope "to break the Vatican's wall of silence on this issue."

Still, Allen allows that whether the Pope has done enough is "a matter of fair debate."

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redtown said...

Off topic to this thread, but pertinent to this blog, it's the latest outrage by the Roman bishops.

In retaliation for a Maine homeless agency's support for gay civil rights, the bishops have slashed $40,000 of funding to the homeless.


Catholics for Marriage Equality is asking for donations to the homeless agency to make up this loss of funding.


The Roman Bishops are the modern Pharisees whom Jesus constantly criticized for their self-righteousness, their faulty presumptions of infallibility, their inability to think outside-the-box of tradition and legalism, and their dearth of spirituality, compassion, and healthy development.

Their obsessive homophobia was already unhealthy, but now it’s become cold and ruthless.