Monday, March 29, 2010

NY archbishop defends pope against sex abuse furor

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan was greeted with applause after finishing Palm Sunday Mass by defending Pope Benedict XVI against suggestions he aided coverups of reports of child abuse.

The standing-room-only crowd at St. Patrick's Cathedral applauded for 20 seconds after Dolan read a statement calling the pope the "leader in purification, reform and renewal that the church so very much needs."

Still, Dolan said reports of abuse of minors by some priests in Ireland and Germany and the retelling of the abuse of children by a priest in Wisconsin had intensified the somberness of Holy Week.

The leader of the nation's second-largest diocese urged his congregation to pray for the pope, saying he was suffering some of the same unjust accusations once faced by Jesus.

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amy5164 said...

Yes, the Pope needs prayers, and hopefully he will be given the courage to do what is right. How about also praying for the victims? Victims of sexual abuse also suffer incredibly from "unjust accusations" and rejection. It's predictable to see a "circling of the wagons", so to speak, where the hierarchy is concerned. They blame the media, societal permissiveness, celebacy, homosexuals, and sometimes the victims themselves (although not in so many words). I do pray the Pope will have the courage he needs to take a stand and end this nauseating blathering by his fellow clerics in the hierarchy. He can either be the Pope that made the difference, or he can be just another one in a long line of those that are a "dime a dozen." The hierarchy is filled with those.