Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Message of Bishop John Magee to the Faithful of Cloyne Diocese

My dear People,

You will have heard, in recent days, that I tendered my resignation as Bishop of Cloyne to His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, and that the Holy Father has accepted it.

Thus, since last Wednesday I am no longer the Bishop of Cloyne.

For the past 23 years I have been privileged to serve the Diocese of Cloyne with the help of the Ministry of your Priests and your own moral and prayerful support.

I am most grateful to you all.

For over a year now the Administration of the Diocese of Cloyne has been in the capable hands of Archbishop Dermot Clifford, as Apostolic Administrator, while I have given my time to working with the Government Commission of Investigation as it investigates the procedures and their implementation in regard to Child Protection in the Diocese.

It has been, as you can imagine, a very difficult year for me, not being involved in the pastoral activities of the Diocese which I love and which I was called to serve.

I am most grateful to Archbishop Clifford for all the good work he has accomplished in the Diocese since he became the Apostolic Administrator.

I shall remember you all, my dear People, in my daily Masses and prayers and I beg you to remember me in yours.

I offer my sincere apology to you if I have failed you in any way and I beg your forgiveness.

I again wish to sincerely apologise to all victims of clerical sexual abuse and particularly to those who were abused by priests in the Diocese of Cloyne.

Finally, may you all, Priests, Religious and Lay-Faithful, the Diocese of Cloyne, continue to be blessed by God and be ever under the heavenly protection of its Patron, Saint Colman.

+ John Magee

Bishop Emeritus of Cloyne

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