Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bishop Jones reacts to Pope’s apology to abuse victims

The Bishop of Elphin, Bishop Christy Jones, has apologised wholeheartedly to all the victims of clerical child sex abuse and their families.

His apology was issued this morning following the publication of the Pope’s pastoral letter to the people of Ireland to be read out at all masses this weekend, in which he said he was truly sorry to the victims of clerical sex abuse.

Bishop Jones says the pastoral letter is an important moment in the process of dealing with difficulties in the Catholic Church in Ireland, and hopes it can become a catalyst for the process of healing.

He says the response to the Pope’s letter, and any plans to move forward, must come not just from himself, the priests and religious, but from everyone in the Diocese.

Bishop Jones has reiterated his commitment to dealing comprehensively with the deeds and hurts of the past, which he acknowledges was at times compounded by failures in the Church’s response.

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