Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Expert speaks out on liturgical reform

World-renowned expert in liturgical study, Fr Anscar Chupungco, has challenged recent announcements on liturgical reform, identifying their inability to fuse together the two basic concepts of Vatican II's liturgical renewal.

His comments were made at the launch on Friday of a new course in Liturgical Studies to be offered by The Broken Bay Institute and University of Newcastle.

Chupungco noted that recent statements which called for a reform of Vatican II's reform were part of an agenda to turn the clock back 50 years.

This call “seems to conveniently forget that since Vatican II, the Church has been marching with the times, acknowledging the changes in social and religious culture, and adopting new pastoral strategies,” said Fr Chupungco, the first Filipino priest on the Pontifical Institute's Faculty.

Fr Chupungco urged students to become "equipped with a critical mind that allows them to weigh the value of new norms and directives, though always in the spirit of ecclesial obedience".

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