Friday, November 13, 2009

Govt to publish compensation review findings

The Government is to publish the findings of the assessment panel charged with reviewing further contributions from religious congregations in the light of the Ryan Report.

Following the publication of the report in May, pressure mounted on the 18 religious congregations named in the report in to abuse in industrial schools to make further financial contributions to victims.

The three-person assessment panel was appointed to assess the material submitted by the congregations and report to Government as to the adequacy of these statements as a basis for assessing the resources of the congregations.

The Irish Catholic understands that a number of the congregations will publicise their renewed financial commitment to victims within weeks.

However, several congregations were concerned that the independent panel's review of their resources would not be made public.


The congregations believe the panel's report will be crucial in assuring the general public that the congregations have acted in good faith and in a transparent fashion with regard to their finances.

A spokesman for the Department of Education confirmed to The Irish Catholic this week that the panel's report ''is under examination prior to being submitted to the Government.

''While responses have been received from some congregations, the position is that a full set of responses from all the congregations is awaited,'' he said.

The spokesman went on to add: ''the arrangements for the timing and extent of the publication of the Panel's Report and the offers of contributions from the religious congregations will be considered by the Government.''

Religious congregations were concerned that if the Government was to publish its renewed financial commitments without the report of the assessment panel, the public would remain in the dark about the strength of the congregations' commitments.


A number of religious congregations this week confirmed to The Irish Catholic that they were satisfied the report of the assessment panel will reveal that they have been completely transparent and are willing to give as much as they reasonably can to victims.

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Money cannot correct the abuses and errors of the past. Only action and sorrow by the church.