Thursday, September 24, 2009

New revelations expected in Williamson SSPX affair

Swedish public TV channel, SVT, will broadcast a program quoting Stockholm Bishop Anders Arborelius saying he warned the Holy See of the views of controversial SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson prior to the lifting of his excommunication.

The Rorate Caeli blog reports that in the promotion for the program, the station states "Last winter the Catholic Church was shaken by the interview made by Uppdrag granskning with Bishop Richard Williamson.

"The Pope and the cardinals in charge assured the world that they had not known about the interview, but this is not true."

The program reportedly quotes Bishop Arborelius saying that: "From our side we passed the information on. That is so to say the usual way of doing it, the local church passes important news about the Church on to the papal representation."

Pope Benedict has previously stated the lifting of the excommunication was an act of mercy and that the affair had sprung out of an "unforseeable mishap".

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