Saturday, June 27, 2009

Parish In Bray (23) - UPDATE

It has now become apparent that An Garda Síochána has truly become an agent of the Church considering the message received from a member concerned with the questionable raid perpetrated by nothing short of ass-covering on behalf of Fr White.

A message was received in relation to Detective Sergeant Eamon O'Neill, Detective John McDonnell and Cormac Walsh, and yet again contained false information but it has been notified to our legal representatives due to it being a threat.

We also have traced it back to its issuing IP and will certainly be taking this further!!

Sometimes, officers forget they are meant to uphold the law, not deny it and justice to others.

We here at CW have nothing to hide and would indeed be only too happy to co-operate with those who uphold the law so that does not include An Garda Síochána as has been proven with the email received.

And one thing we do here they may wish to take note of, and try to learn from us - we do not make false accusations!!

Get your facts correct 'officers' before throwing allegations around with the wrong names attached!!!

Or maybe that is too much to hope for considering....

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Waterford Parishioner said...

This feature on the Bray Parish is getting more interesting by the day.

We have all our friends watching your site daily for updates.

Many of us have also had Garda harrassment over the years but never to date at the instigation of a member of the Clergy.

What has the Prist in question got to hide that he has got so desperate we ask ourselves. Reading between the lines something is very wrong in this Prish. We don't live in Dublin Diocese but one wonders why the Archbishop that we see on tv so often nowadays has not intervened and let things fester and go out of control for so long.

At this point who is covering whose back.

How many are "tainted by the poison chalice" at the Queen of Peace?

Anonymous said...

GREAT to hear that this Parish Priest actually has to do a TEENY TINY bit of work for a change as we hear since the lovely Curate has left the Parish he actually has to say a daily Mass. Even though he has it down to a fine art of just 22 minutes and checks his watch on a regular basis to make sure he is on schedule, this will not bode well with this man at all at all.

Well Holy God as Miley would say.

He will be missing next Wednesday 22nd as he has an Equality Tribunal hearing to attend in Dublin so Parishioners can take a well earned rest from the face that only a mother could love!!!

Queen of Peace Parishioner said...


Parish can order a RAID on ex staff members house and then runs a summer project in August for local children with

A MEET YOUR LOCAL GARDA SESSION as one of the highlights!

Are they going to explain to them what happens when the local Garda raids your home?

Are they going to tell them if you complain about PORN IN THE WORKPLACE they will get YOUR LOCAL GARDA to come take you down to the station for hours of questioning under caution late in the evening????????

Are they going to tell you that said Garda will also come back and take you down a second time and TAKE FINGER PRINTS AND DNA SAMPLES on a Bank Holiday Sunday???????


Of course the organiser of the project is none other than a lady whose husband is a Retired Sargeant - connections, connections, connections.

Are you going to pay this PARISH to give your children this education????????

Anonymous said...

Why have none of the good people of this Priests Parish commented on the above?

Are they in shock or denial?

They are fast enough to gossip and comment on other goings on at the Parish - why the silence now when it concerns HIMSELF?

Anonymous said...

As the abuse report out today shows the Garda connive with the local Clergy and will do their dirty work any time for them. All they have to say is jump lads and they say how high Father.

Shame on the lot of them.