Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pfleger still flying the flag - upside down

Chicago priest, Fr Michael Pfleger, says he intends to keep flying an upside down American flag outside of his South Side church to protest gun violence no matter how often it gets ripped down.

The decision by the controversial priest to fly an upended flag in front of his church had some veterans up in arms, ABC 7 reports.

Members of the Illinois chapter of Rolling Thunder, an organization dedicated to aiding veterans and prisoner of war issues, objected to Pfleger's attention-getting protest, the Huffington Post says.

On Thursday last week someone ripped down the flag that had been raised upside down Tuesday in a ceremony cum protest at St Sabina's Church. Pfleger, an outspoken social justice activist, quickly replaced it.

"There's more attention being given to the flag than to children dying," Pfleger told the Tribune. "What do we care about children dying?"

Flying the flag upside-down is widely recognized as signaling distress or grave danger - precisely the point Pfleger is hoping to make, the Post says.

Pfleger, who is the son of a veteran and whose own son is in the Army, said his intention was not to disrespect the veterans or the flag but to call for help in a "dire emergency".

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