Friday, April 03, 2009

NY Assemblyman Lopez "Front-Man" for Catholic Dioceses of NY According to Abuse Attorney Irwin Zalkin

Just this evening news broke that New York Assemblyman Vito Lopez is at it again.

Lopez recently failed to derail Assemblywoman Margaret Markey's four year effort to get a Child Protection Bill passed when his competing Bill was killed in the NY State Assembly Codes Committee earlier this month. Now he's back with a "new and improved" version.

"Assemblyman Lopez is a front man for the Catholic Dioceses of New York," explained Irwin Zalkin, a leading sexual abuse attorney who has negotiated more than $200 million in clergy abuse settlements nationwide.

"Lopez has no interest in protecting children. What he really wants to do, is protect the Catholic Dioceses of New York from the truth coming out about the decades of abuse of children they allowed to happen."

The Lopez Bill differs from Markey's Bill (AB2596), which has already been approved by the NY Assembly Codes Committee, in that it will not allow victims whose claims are barred by the current New York Statute of Limitations from having an opportunity to come forward.

The Lopez proposal is meant to distract from the importance of AB2596 and to further a public relations campaign by the Catholic Church that suggests that these revival statutes are targeted against them.

However, AB2596 is facially neutral and does not include or exclude any particular institutions.

The consequence of statutes of limitations that provide for a very brief period to file a lawsuit after the last touching or from the age of majority insulate the perpetrators and/or the institutions who protected them from bearing the costs of that harm.

As a result the taxpayers - through their local and state governments have to carry the financial load for the cost of care of many victims who end up needing local or state funded medical care and unemployment or disability benefits.

Revival legislation, like the one year window in Markey's Bill, is intended to allow victims whose claims were previously barred by the statute of limitations a short window to bring a lawsuit/s against institution's that should bear the costs of that harm, and shifts that burden back to where it belongs.

"Lopez only purpose in introducing his Bill is to further the Catholic Churches public relations mantra that the revival legislation is targeted against the Church," said Zalkin.

"The reality is that A2596 is legislation targeted against all institutions that are, or should be, responsible for the economic burden that has cost local governments, state governments -- and through them the tax payers -- billions of dollars. Up to now, these institutions, including the Catholic Church, have been allowed to escape accountability and economic responsibility."

With offices in New York and San Diego, The Zalkin Law Firm ( is one of the premier sexual abuse and personal injury law firms in the country.

The firm's lawyers have achieved groundbreaking results in numerous high-profile clergy abuse cases across the United States.

Mr. Zalkin is available to speak to the media about Vito Lopez' Bill, clergy sexual abuse, and the Child Victim's Act of New York.

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Anonymous said...

My thanks for posting this article about Markey's Bill and the Church's "frontman" and the agenda behind his efforts.

As a victim of sexual abuse by one of NY's "finest" religious, I have lived decades with the wounds, and profound scars, sleepless nights, and major life interruptions affecting not only me but my family, and even my child--and her religious upbringing.

The biggest hurt? The Church does NOT care about the life-long scars. I have come to believe it is ONLY those who are themselves abusers of children who protect other abusers, i.e. those bishops who block or try to block such protective legislation. Only abusers would try to block the bishops speak more about themselves than about Charity.

The way the Church is fighting this leads me to believe it actually does have a MAJOR monopoly on child abuse--if it is so certain this bill will bankrupt the Church (which is a lie of course). But it does indicate they KNOW how many abusers they have!

My medical insurance will no longer pay for the meds I need for life (as a result of my daily abuse which went on for years). And, I'm only one person! What would Jesus do for us? More than the bishops, imo.

Anyway, thank you for this article. Never be afraid of sharing the truth with the world--it will eventually make the Church free from its deeds done in the darkness.