Thursday, April 30, 2009

Museums to raise cash for Abruzzo quake victims

The Vatican Museums will be open to the public this Sunday and all proceeds will be given to the victims of the devastating 6 April earthquake that hit the central Italian region of Abruzzo.

The museum - one of Italy's major tourist attractions - is usually closed on Sunday except for the last Sunday of each month, when entrance is free.

The Vatican said the move was intended to "show solidarity" with victims of the powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake that killed 295 people, left 55,000 homeless and destroyed thousands of buildings in the medieval city of L'Aquila.

The Vatican statement released on Wednesday says museum staff will also donate a day's pay to the Abruzzo quake victims.

The Italian Catholic church has pledged five million euros to rebuild L'Aquila and other quake-damaged areas of Abruzzo.

The cabinet last week approved the release of 8 billion euros for Abruzzo's reconstruction. It previously estimated this would cost at least 12 billion euros.

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