Thursday, April 23, 2009

Howell has hope for St Mary's

New St Mary's South Brisbane administrator, Fr Ken Howell, says that he has received a lot of support and hopes for a large congregation.

"I'm very much into seeing that parish is sustained as a parish," Fr Howell, who picked up the keys to the church on Monday, told the Courier-Mail.

"There's been a great number of people who have worshipped there in recent times and I have no reason to believe that's not going to be the case into the future. I think the numbers will be surprising in a positive way, not just a handful of people."

Fr Howell acknowledged his new role would be challenging but urged the community not to abandon St Mary's.

"Usually when you move to a new parish, there's a fair amount of certainty of who will be there. But this situation because of what has happened, it's a little bit unusual, that's for sure," he said.

He will hold his first Mass on Saturday at 6.30pm, followed by Sunday morning and afternoon masses.

Fr Howell said he wished former administrator Fr Peter Kennedy well.

"We're not into contests between ourselves and the TLC building ... I've always had good relations with Father Kennedy," he said. "We could start discussing what's happened and how it's happened, and would it have been better if this had happened, but that's life. We deal with the reality as it is and move forward."

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Anonymous said...


Were you aware that a Priest of 37 years Fr. Noel O'Brien age 67 has quit the Parish of St. Anne's Church, Templeludigan near New Ross to get married in Florida. There was a report of it in Monday's Daily star.

Report said on Sunday he just announced to his Parishioners that he was leaving to get married.

He was formerly a missionery Priest in Burna and went to that Church in Wexford in 2007, having served in Caim also in Wexford from 2000 to 2004.

Most of his life was spent abroad with the Columban order.

His Sister Dolores is a Nun in the Adoration Monastery in the Sisters of Adoration family.

He has applied for special dispensation to marry.

One less member of the Irish clergy by the look of it!!