Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Farrell struggles with faith

Dublin-born actor, Colin Farrell said he believes that hell is what we create for ourselves.

In a candid interview with Gay Byrne which marks the first of the RTÉ series The Meaning of Life, Farrell talked about how his son James, who has Angelsman Syndrome, has taught him the existence of the higher force.

''Oh, I made him the absolute force of benevolence and goodness and something that I aspired to.''

He refers to the death of his Aunt Peggy, who ''was a woman of devout faith all her life, she had seen six strokes and 40 years of multiple sclerosis'' and died in terrible pain, and how the experience made him question God's compassion.


The actor, who spent time in rehab for his drug and alcohol addiction, did not deny the existence of God - ''I tried hard to be an atheist but I didn't have the faith'' - but he admits to having difficulty in accepting the idea of one creator.

''I can't separate the word 'God' from this white man in the clouds, sitting there with fire and brimstone, you live a life praying and then you come and sit on my right hand and it'll all be worth it and I'll feed you olives. I can't believe in that.''

But he does believe in a ''universal consciousness that is shared and some very powerful force that defies my understanding. And by believing that, then I am obviously still open to the idea that there may be what you would term 'a God'.''

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