Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cardinal Sandoval calls for 'strengthened trust in God'

In a recent press release entitled, “Trust in God and Personal Care,” Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez, of Guadaljara addressed the swine flu epidemic by calling for “strengthened trust in God.”

After stating that for the time being Masses would not be canceled in Guadalajara, the cardinal pointed out that what is needed right now is greater trust in God.

“We read in the Sacred Scriptures that no leaf falls from the tree without the consent of the Father, and so our lives are in the hands of God.”

Cardinal Sandoval urged Mexicans to do everything possible to keep the swine flu from spreading. “Let’s follow the recommendations of our leaders and place our trust in God. Let us strive to live peacefully, avoiding any panic that could be counterproductive,” he said.

By faithfully following the preventive measures and maintaining hope in the Lord, “we will be able to confront this health care emergency we are experiencing,” he continued.

The cardinal encouraged the faithful to trust “in the protection of the Virgin Mary, under her title as Our Lady of Zapopan, the Patroness of this archdiocese, to whom we entrust our care.”

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Source (CNA)


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