Monday, March 23, 2009

Protests in Paris over Pope’s condom stance

The Pope’s public rejection of condoms in the fight against AIDS has sparked passionate confrontation at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Worshippers leaving after mass found their way barred by AIDS activists denouncing the Pope’s comments.

There were scuffles, causing minor injuries and three people were arrested, but matters eventually settled into the chanting of pro- and anti-Pope slogans.

Benedict said on Tuesday that the use of condoms complicates the battle against AIDS.

A new French opinion poll said 52 percent of people now have a bad opinion of the Pope, and nearly one in two French Catholics want him to go.

Benedict himself was wrapping up a visit to Angola.

Addressing an estimated million-strong crowd of worshippers, he challenged Africans to rise above war, corruption and tribal violence and forge a new path to peace.

He also prayed for two women killed in a stampede at one of his appearances this week.

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