Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pope's press spokesman 'to resign' following PR disasters, say reports

The Pope's press officer, Fr Federico Lombardi, is to resign after Benedict XVI's visit to the Holy Land, according to Italian and German press reports.

Hat tip: Catholic Church Conservation, a traditionalist blog run by Chris Gillibrand in Brussels.

Fr Lombardi, a Jesuit, presided over the mega-disaster of the Williamson affair.

The Pope's decision to lift the SSPX excommunications was not his responsibility, but the Church's failure to anticipate the row and its grotesquely slow response to the worldwide row most certainly was.

Then he allowed a question about Aids, condoms and Africa to be asked aboard the papal plane, which the Pope handled with less than total assurance and clarity.

Sorry to have to make that point, but the fact that the Vatican press office felt it necessary to tinker with his quotes afterwards is revealing, don't you think?

By the way, do have a proper read of Gillibrand's influential blog.

There is an item about the Bishop of Leeds which is worth looking at.

Chris has strong connections in Rome; I wonder if he has been in touch with them over the past few days.

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