Monday, November 24, 2008

Vatican men in Red Hats will soon have to clock in - An Irish Perspective

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I often get some comments sent to me which do not make it to me but do appear on other sites, and the following hereunder is 1 of a few I have come across and which are going to be regularly posted here.

My sincerest thanks to those who brought them to my attention and please God the writers of these pieces will get in touch with me.

Below is link to the new rules of the Vatican where all staff will have to clock in and be paid according to their work performance.

Has the credit crunch hit the Vatican with some of their invested BILLIONS losing value so they have to cut down on the CENTS they are paying the Red Hatted ones?

What about the Parish Priests in Ireland and there are some who have an easy job for life with Parish house all to themselves that used to house several priests but these men want PRIVACY for their PRIVATE LIVES therefore they don't want anyone living in to watch them coming and going and who comes and goes with them (and often stays overnight).

On other occasions PP stays out on the tiles in city and burglar alarm goes off security company rings but nobody home to turn it off.

What happens to the clocking in and out of these HOLY MEN who have free rein to do as they please and con their Parishioners.

There is such a Parish on the south side of Dublin where these goings on are well documented and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin knows ALL about it but does NOTHING.

The Parishioners are just suckers funding the lifestyle of this PP to swan around. Why is he not dumped by the Church. Who is there to see he does his work or clocks in.

Some cannot understand why there are not lines of men waiting to sign up to become Priests - the easy life your home and everything else taken care of.

You also acquire a good standing in the town you live in because you are a Priest (although the odd time this good standing has not been earned or deserved).

Maybe they are just starting at the Vatican that staff will be held accountable in the Church - how many years will it take for this system to trickle down to the Parishes around the world.

Me thinks most of the rotten eggs of today will be pushing up the daisies before it becomes relevant in our Parishes.

What a shame.

There is no truth, no justice, no transparency in the Irish Church. Just one cover up after another.

Just hiding one Priest after another until the heat goes off them.

Moving them around like musical chairs but it is time the music stopped.

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Disillusioned Catholic said...

Since the contribution I wrote above 6 months ago was printed by Rev. Father, little has changed on the general landscape of the Irish Catholic Church.

Some reports have come out ok years later than they were expected, Bishop finally had to step aside/resign after his merry little dance and side step for many a long day but things are not much better in his area - there are still yet more victims coming forward and being interviewed so the piper is still playing his tune and the line behind him of victims is getting ever longer.

The credit crunch has hit everyone, laity and Church alike.

Only positive thing that happened since is that thankfully Archbishop Martin put the brakes on for a certain south side Parish Priest and did not allow him to get his hands on the "loot" that he was after from the Share fund in order to pay for more unnecessary grand designs in his local Church. This money is better needed in other areas and would have been foolhardy to fund his little "Saddam's Palace" that he wanted to really put his mark on before he is rolling on in his carriage to his next posting.

The lack of funding meant the dictator had to cut back on some of the grand plans which is wonderful news but still we in the Parish, or those who still give donations to the Parish because of the reckless spending, will be paying off his debts for years and years to come.

In spite of PP's declarations of grand donations by the generous people of the Parish to his grand scheme insider information from many different sources confirms that the opposite is in fact the case but then this is nothing new -this man is used to spinning so many yarns that he can hardly see the wood for the trees or the truth from the lies.

We know of many who did not return their wonderful and expensively extravagant canvas packs as by the look of them you would say "if the Parish had enough money to waste on their printing they don't need our money!!!"

Those not returned means no donations, others we know that the collectors did not even bother to call back to collect same.

It would take the Diocesan Finance Committee to actually get out there to the Parish to see what in fact is going on and how much cash is actually there. I don't think they will find the Parish as "flush" as the PP is making out - there may be more recycled loo roll around to "flush" than notes to lodge to the Parish account to make it look "flush"!.

6 months later and there is still no more accountability or transparency at this Parish. Just more of the same - ill feelings and prejudice.

Wonder what Clerical "celebrity" the PP will invite out to celebrate Mass when the Church re-opens after the renovations because with everything this man does it has to involve another photo opportunity!

Therefore we think PP and his clone will grace the photo - hope His Grace has kept a date free to come towards the seaside town on the east coast to do the honours.

He has had quite a few visits to this very divided Parish in the past 4 years and he has not done much to help situations there so we think another visit would also be a waste of time for all concerned unless he is coming out to give the PP the "Order of the Boot".

Can we start a Novena for that cause. Amen.

A Very Disillusioned Catholic said...

As PREDICTED above the one coming for the PHOTO OP at the Parish is His Grace himself.

He has deemed it appropriate to come yet again to the divided Parish and play-along-with-the-PP in his little games of discrimination at the Parish.

Not to worry the VISIT will merit a photo call for both of them in the local paper so it is worth a litre or two petrol to drive out to Bray!!

Will His Grace come with the boot of his car FULL OF CASH to pay off our PP's debts? We don't think so. We the Parishioners will be paying for years and years and years.